The Garden: A place filled with God’s Presence


The Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the East and there he put the man he had formed (Gen 2:8)

That evening they heard the Lord God walking in the Garden (Gen 3:8)

God planted the garden in Eden. It was the garden of God.  Genesis story presents the Garden of/in Eden as a perfect environment for humanity where the access to God was “direct”, “immediate” and “experiential”. Adam’s identification of the sound of the  ‘Lord walking in the cool of the day’ (Gen 3:8)  suggests Adam’s familiarity and intimacy with the Creator God.

God gave Adam the responsibility to tend and keep it (Gen 2:15). God also made ‘prohibitions’ so that Adam and Eve will continue enjoying the ‘provisions’ of life in the Garden .

The garden was filled with God’s presence. Adam and Eve  walked with God when God walked down the garden in the cool of the day., Adam and Ever were to grow in “trust” and “obedience” and remain in communion with God in the Garden. But, their act of disobedience caused Adam and Eve to hide themselves amongst the trees of the garden from the presence of the Lord (Gen 3:8)

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